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About GoDisco

GoDisco founded in 2013 in a purpose to change and make a revolution in the nightlife industry- to bring the technology to the untouched field of the nightlife and improve the experience using this tools.

We will help you to find out what is the hottest party to hang out to night, the craziest party which fit just for you, to your preferences, to your mood, and to the vibe you like!


  • Almog Baku

    Almog Baku

    CEO, Co-Founder
    Almog is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, he has rich experience in the project management and development field.
  • Tal Gleichger

    Tal Gleichger

    CTO, Co-Founder
    Tal is a web & mobile developer. In his 8 years of experience he managed to lead, manage and develop lots of projects.
  • Yuval Malichi

    Yuval Malichi

    Yuval is a creative and passionate UX designer and art director with lots of online media experience.
  • Lior Rose

    Lior Rose